Ride into Savings: UBA and Bolt Discounts Still Ongoing

UBA Ghana, known for its innovative financial solutions, joined hands with Bolt, the leading ride-hailing platform in Ghana, to bring convenience, affordability, and reliability to their customers.

Since the new year, this partnership has been offering a generous 50% discount on the first ride and continued savings of 5-10% on subsequent journeys when using a UBA card.

Commuters are enjoying the perks of this collaboration, making their daily travels a seamless experience. For Phoebi Nettey, a young Corporate Graphic Designer navigating the city’s busy streets, the UBA and Bolt partnership has been a game-changer.

With her UBA card in hand, she hops into a Bolt ride with ease, knowing that she’s not only getting to her destination safely and swiftly but also saving a significant portion of her transportation expenses.

“I used to fret over the daily commuting expenses,” Pheobi shares. “But thanks to the UBA and Bolt discounts, it’s now much easier to handle. Moreover, Bolt’s reliability and convenience have turned my daily commute into a cruise.”

With the UBA and Bolt discounts still going strong, there’s no better time to join the ride into savings. Whether it’s a quick trip to the office, a leisurely drive through the city, or an evening out with friends, UBA and Bolt have got you covered. So, grab your UBA card, book your Bolt ride, and experience the convenience, affordability, and reliability of this partnership today!

The Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Henry Nii Dottey noted UBA partnered with Bolt to bring convenience and affordability to its customers and stated every should acquire a UBA card in order to benefit for this amazing offer.

He called on beneficiaries and customers to share the good news and experience convenient, affordable and reliable transportation with Bolt & UBA today! Say goodbye to high fares on Bolt and hello to our reliable range of UBA cards.

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