Ronaldinho’s son Joao Mendes is reportedly in FC Barcelona’s shorlist to replace Messi in the future

At just 15 years old, Joao Mendes has already rejected PSG to continue playing Brazil. This is that Ronaldinho’s son has shown in his short career that he has things very similar to his father and that’s why many teams are already interested in buying him.

A rumor in the Spanish media claims that Joao Mendes could be one of those chosen by FC Barcelona to be Lionel Messi’s future successor.

Ronaldinho has been like a father to Lionel Messi since Messi arrived on the first team of FC Barcelona, the Brazilian sponsored him and guided him to become the best player in the world. Without Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi would surely have made his adaptation to FC Barcelona difficult.

Ronaldinho’s son has great abilities and has things very similar to his father’s. From FC Barcelona, they would be very happy to have Ronaldinho’s heir on their team.

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