Saturday Is The Day God Rested From Creation – Apostle Ebenezer Acquaah

The founder of the Truth and Righteous Foundation Church at Gomoa Akropong, Apostle Ebenezer Acquaah has said that with every indication from the Bible, Saturday remains the day God rested from creation, thereby making it the true Sabbath Day as claimed by churches that worship on that day.

According to him, most pastors know of this fact but have refused to admit it.

He hinted that there are countless number of pastors that he knows who visit Churches on Saturdays to worship with and take communion with them.

He described such attitude as hypocrisy of the highest level, and asked churches to admit to this fact for the church to move forward.

 He also condemned mass speaking of ‘tongues’ by entire congregation of a church at a time, saying that ‘tongues’ is commanded by the Bible to be spoken by one person or two, and be interpreted to the understanding of the whole congregation.

In a related development, the founder of African Faith Prayer Camp at Agona Nyakrom, Evangelist Faustina Amoah has called on Charismatic churches to learn to show some level of respect to Spiritual Churches, and stop labeling them as fetish and primitive, as according to her, Spiritual Churches existed long before the advent of Orthodox churches into Africa.

Evangelist Faustima Amoah who expressed the worry in an interview with disclosed that spiritual churches have contributed immensely to the saving of lives, as they have healed countless number of people from all forms of diseases and infirmities which medical doctors could not treat.

 By: Robert Ayanful

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