School Feeding Caterers Agitate Over Arrears

Some caterers of Ghana’s school feeding program has begun agitations over the failure of the Ministry of Finance and the government to pay them their two term arrears.

Sources have hinted that caterers under the school feeding programs are owed two terms , a move that has made it difficult for them to repay loans they took from their banks to pre-finance the program last year. Based on these some of them are being pursued by their bankers and being threatened with arrests and prosecution for failing to meet their payment terms.

The last time government paid School feeding caters was in August 2023 it would be recalled that caterers of the School feeding program stormed the secretariat of the school feeding program to demonstrate against the Finance Ministry’s failure to pay them their areas until a payment was made in august the same year.

Ghana’s School Feeding Programme was initiated in 2005, and it is a joint effort by the government of Ghana, the World Food Programme (WFP), and the Dutch Government. The program targets children in public primary schools in Ghana, providing them with one hot meal per day during the school term.

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