Dear NDC,

I greet you with the love of the almighty God. How was your weekend? Mine was exciting because I spent the Saturday in my fishing village of Dutch Komenda.

Wesley Owusu

I am grateful you took time off your busy life in opposition to read my first letter. I know this because I received a few emails from some of you.

A number of the emails shared very genuine concerns in confidentiality and I promised to keep them as private as possible.

Some of you, on the other hand, descended on me and my ancestors with hardcore insults. I accept your reactions as honest feedbacks.

NDC, I have always wondered why a supposed social democratic party like you are finds it difficult to introduce or support social intervention programs.

Social democrats all over the world embrace economic and social protection policies to curb obstinate issues such as inequality, oppression of underprivileged while throwing support to universally accessible public services such as jobs, education, healthcare, security among many others.

How come the social democrats in Ghana are incongruously, the ones who oppose the introduction and/or sustainability of these policies?

Ghana’s modern social democrats who are largely members of the NDC resisted the introduction and implementation of a number of policies that aimed at redistribution of the national cake and regulation of the economy in the interest of the ordinary citizens.

In the past, policies such as NHIS, Free Maternal Healthcare LEAP, MASLOC, School Feeding Program and more recently Free SHS etc were fiercely attacked by the NDC prior to its implementation. Tagging it with all kinds of derogatory remarks.

I am not interested in reminding my readers of the damaging commentary and weird arguments the NDC communicators shamefully and embarrassingly unleashed on these programs.

I am only interested in how you brand yourselves social democrats when in fact you do not, in any way, represent or act in any manner that is remotely consistent with social democracy.

Many Ghanaians have been able to figure you in the last few years. Your trickery and chicanery have been noticed.

Your duplicity, dishonesty and phony attitude towards the social protection programs that is targeted at elevating the quality of life of the ordinary Ghanaian defies logic.

But that is your style of politics and it has paid off for you in the past.

It is therefore my prayer that you change from you cunning ways and put the tax payer first if you ever get the opportunity to power.

I hope this letter meet you well. I shall try to write to you again in the coming days. Have a lovely week.


Yours Sincerely,

Wesley Owusu (Mayor)


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