Sheikh Dalhu Condemnns Burning Of The Holy Qur’an In Sweden

By Prosper Agbenyega

A renowned Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Abdul Mumin Dalhu, popularly known as Sheikh Dalhu, has expressed disgust at the burning of the holy Qur’an or any other religious book of respect.

He also indicated that they against the burning of mosque, churches any  synagogue anywhere in the world.

In a Press Release issued by the renowned Cleric, he indicated that Allaah, revealed the glorious Qur’an and remains its preserver as He promised, till the end of time.

“We praise Him for preserving its sanctity and light that is fast spreading the entire globe and piercing through the hearts of lucky souls,” he said.

According to him, as brothers and sisters In humanity, they are expressing their indignation and condemnation  against the recent incident reported from Sweden, involving the burning of the holy Qur’an.

He said: “Surely, this is an extreme form of enmity and attack on the Islamic faith.

Ladies and gentlemen, Our life begins to perish when we are quite about things that matter. The blood in my veins abhore any form of disrespect to humanity no matter who is involved.

All peace loving creature must not be silent about this unwarranted provocation.

It is totally wrong, unacceptable and a threat to world peace and security. We therefore, blatantly condemn that senseless act of threat to interreligious peace and tolerance, without any reservations. The world at large must shame and blame the perpetrators for the uncivilised actions.”

“Dear people in humanity, let the senseless cowards know that, merely burning of the holy Qur’an cannot extinguish the love of it from our hearts. It is just like destroying a single leaf from a baobab tree. Neither does it devalue the tree nor benefits the person behind the act. The Qur’an is the light of our souls and can only be thought to be destroyed when we cease to breath. It has been indelibly engraved in our hearts and anyone seeking to erase it, is only engaged in an exercise of wasted efforts,” he said.

Sheikh Abdul Mumin Dalhu also averred that Muslims must be measured and be calm against such unprovoked attacks since the light of Allaah can never be quenched.

“I therefore wish to console you with the following verses of the holy Qur’an: Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian. [Quran 9:33]

It is He who sent His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, in order to make it prevail over all religions, even though the idolaters dislike it”.

He mentioned that the best the swedish ignorant could have done to make true impact on his hate against the Quran and Islam was to take the love of The Holy Quran  from our heart but not burning the holy book and indicated that they are very well aware of the weight that the holy book carries in the lives and identities of billions of Muslims, so the decision to burn the Quran is a calculated one to provoke billion of  Muslims.

“Brothers and sisters, On records, there  are  human Qur’an across the globe. Children as little as 6 years are Hufaz on the planet earth and more are  willing to join them.

There are more Quran memorizers than any holy book in the world. Mr extremist racist, we don’t know your religion you belong and we don’t care. If your Religion or association teaches you to hate others than you need a new Religion and mental rehabilitation. We are not surprised of your actions because  there would continue to be senseless extremist like you till the end of time.

Attributing your action to animal kind  will be an insult to innocent animals whose understanding of peaceful Coexistence regulate them from  moving beyond their boundaries.”

Sheikh Abdul Mumin Dalhu said there is no where in the world that a lion will shop at a supermarket and stressed that the Authority in sweden should not shield these notorious hooligans in the name of freedom of expression.

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