SHL Seals Partnership Deal With LearnTrans

SHL, the world leader in talent innovation, has completed arrangements to officially partner LearnTrans to provide modern, intelligent technology-driven and deeply people-centred solutions to boost companies’ performance.

The partnership is aimed at providing organizations with multi-layed assessment centers with the right on-line based psychometrics and individualized computer generated reports to help them make informed decisions that will allow them to employ cognitively, capable candidates to fill vacant Executive Director Positions.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghana Employers Association, Mr. Alex Frimpong who addressed the official launch of the partnership as Guest Speaker said the collaboration between the two companies will indeed boost business growth.

He said, employees are the main assets of every organization and that the success or failures of that organization depends largely on how the employees are managed.

Mr. Alex Frimpong indicated that lack of quality personnel leads to failure hence, companies and organizations must always ensure that not everyone have access to their organization.

He charged organizations to look out for the right attitudes and the right characteristics in people so as to further enhance the growth of their businesses.

He also described the use of aptitude tests as a prerequisite for promotions and employing or hiring managers in companies and institutions.

Helena Naana Nelson, CEO of LearnTrans, said the decision by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to promote teachers based on the results from their aptitude tests, is excellent.

According to her, LearnTrans-SHL partnership can work with the GES to design and deploy the right teacher aptitude tests, to promote deserving teachers, whilst providing extensive individual and group reports to facilitate on-going teacher professional development.
She averred that the tools provided by SHL will drastically reduce mistakes made by organizations in hiring wrong candidates to fill strategic positions.

She said: “I am therefore pleased to announce that plans are far advanced to train an army of practitioners, largely from the HR community in Ghana and the rest of West Africa to ensure SHL tools are deployed professionally in order to yields maximum return for user companies and organizations.”

Helena Naana Nelson also indicated that there is huge potential in the partnership the two companies are having to be able to contribute to the “effective growth and performance of employees by identifying and developing the right pegs for the right holes and ultimately for sustainable national and sub-regional development.”

In an interview, she said, LearnTrans offers bespoke Organisational Development, Learning and Development as well as Strategic Human Resources Management Services to public and private sector organisations.

Re-established in Ghana in 2012, the comapny focuses on helping clients to select and prepare teams as well as individuals to take on higher more complex responsibility.

She revealed that LearnTrans was established to provide management consulting, management training and leadership development services to private and public sector organisations in Ghana.

“However, its portfolio was extended to include Transfer of Learning services to organisations in the UK and Ghana. LearnTrans Ltd commenced full operations in Ghana in 2012 and has since achieved significant success by extending its portfolio to offer bespoke services along ten service lines. The track record outline includes achievement during the Lexcroft Consulting Operations,” she said.

Helena Naana Nelson maintained that LearnTrans aims to deploy a tailored learning experience that addresses business challenges and preparedness of managers for the achievement of the organisation’s mandate.

Mark Taylor, Africa Commercial Manager for SHL Globa, on his part noted that the power of the joining of SHL and LearnTrust lies in understanding the most important asset in business strategy: people, and their ability to disrupt business-as-usual, achieve digital transformation, and grow business outcomes beyond today’s standards.

“SHL and LearnTrust together offer a global platform spanning hiring to leadership development that helps business leaders optimize their team’s potential for today and the future, as well as building a talent strategy to fuel success,” he said.

According to him, with an expanded portfolio that now includes coding, language, video interview and skills tests alongside personality, motivation, cognitive ability, language assessments and leadership benchmarking, SHL can help talent innovation across the breadth of the organization and that the combination of SHL and LearnTrust provides customers with an unparalleled, transparent AI-powered platform of meaningful and unbiased talent data to produce the predictive analytics required to support a global workforce.

He said: “SHL exists to help you win. At a time of unprecedented change, we provide deep people insights to predict and drive performance.
Our world-class talent solutions empower leaders and their teams to make unbiased decisions throughout the employee journey. With 40+ years of talent expertise, cutting-edge assessment science and more than 45 billion data points, we have an unparalleled view of the workforce. SHL partners with organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to multinational firms worldwide to deliver proven business results from people investments.”

He explained that SHL helps organizations build job simulations for candidates to efficiently experience what the job requires.

By Prosper Agbenyega

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