Social Impact Organisation AUNUA Announces New Give One, Gift One programme For Irish companies

The Dublin-based social impact organisation, AUNUA Corporate, has announced their new Give One, Gift One programme. Aunua Corporate offers bespoke and customised programmes for corporate wellbeing, mental health and leadership, communication, and NLP skills.

The benefits are twofold: within your organisation and in partnership with Aunua Global further afield. They are partnering with Uganda-based Era92 Elevate and Poland-based Refocus to help make substantial changes in people’s lives.

This programme helps businesses achieve their corporate social responsibility obligations in addition to helping them achieve their objectives in the areas of business, leadership, and well-being. It will also give your company positive worldwide credibility as champions for young people, have an impact, and be the pillars in the community that inspire significant change. This programme is available to all Irish corporations. When you invest in this programme, 40% goes directly to AUNUA Global, an organisation devoted to empowering and developing young people all around the world and bringing about long-lasting change.

AUNUA Corporate is the solution for helping your company’s success since it combines cutting-edge leadership and communication training for your team with international exposure and positive social effects for your business.

Based on the most well-established ideas in psychology and philosophy, AUNUA Corporate brings you, your team, and your business to the core success-building bricks.

Era92 gives young people access to opportunities and skills that will help them realise their full potential and join the local and global digital economy. Refocus is creating a global network of media labs to provide asylum seekers and recognised refugees with modern media creation skills.

Businesses in Ireland are becoming more aware of corporate social responsibility; 84% of them consider it to be moderately or very important to their operations. During a global survey held in 2022, 50% of respondents said corporate businesses did not do enough to address economic inequality and energy shortages. It is vital that corporations in Ireland and around the world work to succeed in making significant changes.

Karina Murray, founder and CEO of AUNUA Corparate, said of the new programme: “The most successful companies today and in the future are those that can effectively measure and integrate their impact. Through AUNUA Corporate’s five pillars, including fostering good communication, we can support emotional well-being while aligning with impactful initiatives that can change the world and ignite sustainable global solutions. Together, we can create invaluable ways to impact the lives of the most vulnerable and highlight inspiring stories that drive real change. Join us on the heroes’ journey and become champions for youth and impact through AUNUA Global.”

Danielle Serpico, co-founder of AUNUA Corporate, said: “I am fueled by an unwavering dedication to revolutionize communication, transcending boundaries in the corporate realm and uplifting the voices of those needing it most. Together, we will forge a new era of connection, where effective communication becomes a catalyst for change and empowerment.”

About Aunua Corporate:

At AUNUA Corporate, their mission is to ethically enhance your company’s well-being (productivity, results, and success) by offering cutting-edge leadership and communication training. They align your core values and brand awareness with social, community, and environmental rewards. For further details, please visit

About Refocus:

Refocus Media Labs works to change the lives of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe by training them through photography, audio and video, graphic design, media editing.

About Era92:

Era92 Elevate provides access to skills and opportunities that unlock the potential of the next generation, ultimately connecting youth to the local and global digital economy. This program is tuition free, and offers youth in underprivileged areas access to today’s most in-demand kkills, companies, and a proven path to career success.

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