Songor Salt: Lolonya Residents Chase Libiwono For Trying To Incite Them Against Electrochem Ghana

Information gathered from Ada and its surrounding communities has it that, although the chiefs and elders have given their full support to Electrochem Ghana Limited to manage the Songor Salt project, the Libiwono is still incessant in scuttling the progress of work.


This paper has gathered that Libiwono, in his usual fashion, went to the Lolonya community trying to whip up support against Electrochem Ghana and its workers.


According to our information, he was in the community where he managed to gather some people for that agenda.


His modus operandi is to feed the people with lies and to confuse them into believing that the development of the Songor Lagoon is not in their favour.


But, the people who are now more enlightened about the project and what the communities stand to gain, did not give him a listening ear.


The Libiwono who told the people of Lolonya to hit the streets and stop Electrochem Ghana Limited from working was given the worst humiliation of his life when the people, mostly youth, sacked him from the community.


The people at the meeting, especially the youth were bold enough to tell him in the face that the project is a lasting one that has the potential of transforming their lives.


Indeed, they pointed out that the company has so far given employment to the majority of them and that they are not willing to go back to the past where they sit idle doing nothing.


Ahead of the supposed plot to pitch the people against Electrochem Ghana Limited, the heads of the Terkpebiawe Clan of Ada called on the chief of Lolonya, Nene Ashiangmor to alert members of the community of alleged planned distractions along the Songor lagoon by some people from Lufenya community; little did they know that Libiwono will be the one to spearhead that agenda.


Meanwhile, the Community Chiefs, representatives of the 13 gates who forms the Think Tank Committee in a letter also wrote to Nene Ashiangmor that it has been agreed with the Terkpebiawe Clan, the Paramouncy and the 4 Okor Clan that the Songor project should be embarked upon to revive it.


Latest information gathered is that the people are ready to fight anybody who will rise against the project since they believe the project will go a long way to create jobs, peace and prosperity for the current and coming generations.


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