Defence counsel for Lawrence Nana Asiama Hanson, aka Bulldog, Chief Executive Officer for Bull Haus Entertainment has registered his displeasure over the Police‘s refusal to appear in court to discharge his client.

According to Mr. Jerry Avernogbor, his client wanted to travel outside the country for three months and questioned the basis for which the Police was refusing to provide the court copies of the Attorney General’s advice, which stated that Bulldog should be discharged.

Bulldog was put before the court for allegedly murdering Fennec Okyere, a music producer in May 2014 at his residence.

Earlier at the District Court on Tuesday, defence counsel and his client had appeared before the court but because of the absence of the case prosecutor, Detective Chief Inspector Simon Apoirsornu, the case was stood down.

When the matter was recalled in the absence of the prosecution, the court questioned Bulldog as to why he was absent when the matter was initially called.

Mr. Avernogbor submitted that he was in court with his client and when the matter was stood down they both went outside.

The court presided over by Mr. Worlanyo Kotoku admonished Bulldog to stay in the courtroom, adding that some decisions could be taken by the court in the absence of his counsel.

The judge told defence counsel to exercise patience while they waited for the Police to provide the court with the Attorney General’s advice.

The court further urged defence counsel to advise his client to re-schedule his programme, adding “You know you cannot travel outside the country without informing the court”.

On August 22, this year Bulldog’s attorney had prayed an Accra District Court to discharge his client following the advice from the Attorney General’s office.

Attorney Jerry Avenorgbor told the court that the advice from the Attorney General office has disclosed that Bulldog should be discharged.

He questioned why the Police was refusing to release the AG’s Report to the court and rather resorted to write to it officially following recommendations that the accused person should be discharged.

Chief Inspector Simon Apiorsornu, the Prosecutor, admitted that the AG’s report was ready but it contained some codified information to which his superiors would have to write to the court.

According to him the Police administration would have to discuss the said codified information and write officially to the court.

Bulldog was put before the court for allegedly murdering Fennec Okyere, a music producer in May 2014 at his residence.

Charged with conspiracy to murder and murder, the court preserved the plea of Bulldog.

Bulldog has however been admitted to bail by the Human Rights Court, a division of the High Court.

The matter has been adjourned to September 20.

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