Sports Administrators urged to follow new trend in management

Sports Administrators and managers have been advised to ready themselves for the current changing trends in sports administration and management around the world.

They were also urged to read on their sport to know the changing rules and technicalities coupled with managerial issues surrounding their sport or federation.

This advice was given by member of the Technical Commission of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), Prof Milan Mihajlovic from Serbia.

Prof. Milhajlovic was addressing participants at the end of a sports management course held by the Weightlifting Federation of Africa in collaboration with the IWF and the Tunisia Weightlifting Federation.

He took the participants through course like; Contemporary sport and sport management between the 19th and 21st century, Sports Network, Basic databases for Weightlifting National Federation (WNF) and basic documents for the work of the WNFs.

He also showed participants how to work with the IWF’s event calender as well as weightlifting competitions and risk management in weightlifting and the use of social media and public relations in sports, how to organise meetings as well as decision making and conflict in sport and application for IWF development programmes.

Secretary General of WFA, Eshelly Manareddin thanked the participants for making it to the first ever programme by WFA, IWF and the TWF which formed part of their developmental plan for the year 2017.

He said they are aimed at improving and equipping member countries at the managerial level and urged participants to give out their best in making the course a success.

He said the WFA has in past held courses on sports injuries, anti-doping, feeding as well as coaching and it was time for them to concentrate on the administrators.

Although they did not have a full house, Manareddin said that would not deter them from holding courses and would also make sure to always update members with the latest trend of sports administration especially in weightlifting.

He said the WFA would continue to work with the IWF and all other national federation for the development of the sport on the continent and beyond.

Participants for the course included; Magarajen Monien (Mauritius), Gardencia Du Plooy (South Africa), Armand Pambou (R. Congo), Mohamed Bourabaa    (Tunisia), and Brown Ngambi (Zambia).

The Rest Were; Kenneth O. Adade (Ghana), Abdulmoneim Riad Sufeljin (Libya), Almois Ben Esmaiel (Libya), Manareddin Eshelli (Libya) and Rim Derouich Chaouachi (Tunisia).
Participants were certified in sports management at the end of the course.

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