Statement by Zung Lana, Alhaji Col Mahmud Tahir (Rtd), Council of State Member, Northern Region

Alhaji Col Mahamoud Tahir Rtd
Alhaji Col Mahamoud Tahir Rtd
Alhaji Col Mahamoud Tahir Rtd

I begin this message by thanking the Almighty for ensuring that we had a successful election to select our regional representative to the august house of Council of State. Let me use this opportunity to thank all contestants for their dedication and commitment to serve the Northern Region. We were all out for the betterment of our dear region. We all had ideas and plans to bring prosperity to the good people of the Northern Region. It is victory for each and every one of us.

am mindful of the fact that, you will always be available to put your rich experiences at my disposal. To the delegates, I thank you very much. Your vote shows that you trust me to be your voice, and I cannot thank you enough for the confidence that you have shown in me. The victory of Zung Lana is victory for the Northern Region, and demonstrates the important role of unity in diversity. I give firm assurance that I will work in the interest of all ethnic groups, and indeed all sections in the Northern Region.

We all know that with great power comes greater responsibility. You have placed me in, and round the sources of power by your overwhelming endorsement. You have also tasked me with the responsibility of ensuring that the Northern Region gets the best of the national cake, and I accept that with all humility. The challenges confronting our people and communities are numerous and varied.

We need to improve access to quality education; we have a duty to ensure that our people have access to sustainable livelihood opportunities; we have a responsibility to ensure that the various ethnic groups in our dear region enjoy peaceful coexistence; and indeed we have a bounden duty to confront poverty and bring prosperity to our people, wherever they are in the region.

I make a solemn pledge that I will, to the best of my ability, diligently pursue the assignment you have given me. The advisory role of the Council of State implies that we have an opportunity to make inputs into the strategies of His Excellency, the President as he embarks on his broad vision of transforming the national economy and ensuring inclusive growth. To this end, I assure you that the challenges and prospects of the Northern Region will be placed at the forefront of memory.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the entire people of the Region, more especially those of you who worked tirelessly to ensure the decisive victory. Let’s forge ahead in unity as one people with common destiny. The power of a group of people united for a common purpose is a strong one, and I have no doubt that together we can achieve more.

May God bless our dear Region and bless Ghana our motherland.

Yours faithfully,
Alhaji Col Mahamoud Tahir Rtd
Council of State Member (Northern Region)

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