Stay away from smoking….Akyem Kokoben Sanaahene to the youth.

The Sanaahene of Akyem Kokoben in the Achiase District, Eastern Region, Nana Wadir, has called on the youth of Akyem Kokoben to stay away from smoking.

The Sanaahene, before being enstool as the Sanaahene for the town, was the chairman of the development committee of Akyem Kokoben.

The Sanaahene, together with citizens from the town who have traveled overseas and some who are in the country but are not leaving in the town, have been doing more projects in the town.


The Sanaahene addressing the people of Akyem Kokoben after his enstoolment, as the Sanaahene of Akyem Kokoben Traditional Council stated that for some time now he has been advising the youth to stay away from smoking because it doesn’t speak well for the town.

Sometimes some of them sit in an open place and smoke, which tarnishes the name of the area.


The future of the town depends on the youth, so he has promised to send some of them to Accra so that they can learn handiwork.

He said, as he has been enstooled as the Sanaahene of the town,he will be truthful to the people.

According to him, he will make sure there is no misuse of funds in Akyem Kokoben.

He will make sure all the funds are put to good use.

He admonished the youth to be respectful to Nananom.

Nana Wadir promises to team up with Nananom and the development committee so that they can establish an education fund to support brilliant but needy students in the area.

The Kontehene for the area, Nana Jinatwe Fofie, speaking on behalf of the chief of the town, urged them to bring more developmental projects to the town.

He said they will join hands together so that they can develop the town.

Report by Samuel Quaye.

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