Stay away from Tramadol Dr. advices the youth

Dr. Emmanuel Tandoh of the Community Hospital Akim Oda branch has said it is time to end the abuse of tramadol in Ghana and world wide, especially the youths.

Speaking in an interview with Priscilla Oppong, a reporter at,  stated that he just not being myself when he watch TV and see the negative effects of tramadol is having on those who abuse it.

 I believe it’s time we all come together to help put a stop to the abuse of it in order to save people who are involved in it”
Parents at home should try their possible best to get closer to their children to listen to them and advise them,that will also reduce the bad risk of tramadol. He urged.

He advice the youth to stay away from tramadol.

STORY BY Priscilla Oppong.

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