Stop ‘swagging’ on social media and rehearse your songs – KODA

Gospel artiste Kofi Owusu Dua Anto known in music circles as KODA has advised his fellow musicians to pay more attention to their craft than spend time posting things on social media.

In an interview with Andy Favoured on Accra FM’s ‘Gospel 360’ on Sunday, he said he is not a social media freak because spending time on these platforms will not help him perfect his artistry.

The ‘Nsem Pii’ singer explained that because his work is about music, he cares more about doing things that will make him better in the field than the trivial ones that are merely for fun.

“I don’t have time for social media because that is not my work. My work is to make music so instead of posting pictures and writing plenty things on social media, I’ll rather rehearse my music,” he said.

“There are a lot of artistes who spend a lot of time on social media ‘swagging’ up, posting pictures and asking people to download this or that. That is not your work. Most of them do not even rehearse their songs so they don’t get better. They need to stop all these and concentrate on the work,” he added.

However, KODA stated that social media has its benefits but must be used judiciously by artistes.

KODA is a Takoradi-based gospel singer, writer and producer who is popularly known for hit songs like ‘Nsem Pii,’ ‘Adooso’ and ‘Y’apae.’

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