Stop The Practice Of Trading In Church – Pastors Warned

The founder of Christian Family Solution Chapel, Rev. Samuel Temeng has advised Pastors who sell souvenirs such as handkerchiefs, bangles, anointing oils and other such items in their church under the guise of healing purposes to desist from the practice as according to him, that amounts to trading in the house of God.

Rev. Temeng who was delivering a sermon last Sunday also expressed shock about an instance where a pastor went as far as selling a tortois for a member of his church at a cost of GH 1,000.00 Cedis for protection.

According to him, the practice has become a common norm, especially among the Charismatic churches nowadays, and therefore needs to be checked. He said in all these, women are the most vulnerable victims who always fall prey to these pastors as they believe in whatever the pastor says without reference to what the Bible says.

He has therefore appealed to the powers that be to begin to visit churches and close down those that are using their premises as business centers to amass wealth for themselves at the expense of their unsuspecting congregation.

By: Robert Ayanful

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