Students of Ahantaman Girls SHS Agree With School’s Board To Change Uniform

Students of Ahantaman Girls Senior High School have agreed to change their school uniform in conformity with the suggestions from the School’s Board and Administration. They also appealed to their old students to support the school.

Below is the Release issued :

We, members of the current School Representative Council of Ahantaman Girls Senior High, do state and emphatically agree with the School’s Board and the Administration on the change of the style of our School Uniform.

We are very comfortable in our current uniform and we want to state again that no SRC in the 75 years of the School had ever resisted fiercely at any stage of the various changes the school had gone through.

We also want to state on record that this is not the first time the school uniform has been changed. It was changed in the 90s.

Upon legitimate reasons, Leadership of the students then thought it to be prudent and endorsed the change of this new uniform for the betterment of the Girls.

Why then should we resist this slight change in the style of the uniform?

Our past students, We plead with you to help us develop the school as you have promised to do possibly and allow us to focus on our goal as students of Ahantaman Girls senior High school.

The Release was signed by HRM Sheridan Sam-Onuawontoh. Main Head girl, HRH Daniella Asare. 1st deputy Head girl, HRH Vanessa Cobbinaj. 2nd Deputy Head and HRH Ewurasi Adugbure 3rd Deputy Head girl.

By Sammy Heywood Okine

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