Sue Trasaco For Trespassing, Not Contempt …Supreme Court Advised Jeleel

The Supreme Court has advised Jeleel Company Ghana Limited to seek appropriate forum to address the illegal demolition of properties on its lands by Trasacco Group Limited.

It would be recalled that Ernesto Taricone and Trasacco Group were sued for Contempt for setting into motion a ‘fraudulent’ scheme purporting to execute a Ruling of the Court of Appeal, without serving the Applicant by notice of entry of judgment over parcel of land at Pantang in the Adentan Municipality in Accra.

Ernesto Taricone and Trasacco Group based on that caused the demolition of some properties on the said land.

However, Ernesto Taricone had stated in his Affidavit in Opposition to the Motion filed against him, and his company that he has not executed any Supreme Court Order which makes his action on the land illegal.

He stated that, “That the Respondent admits paragraphs 10 & 11 of the Affidavit in Support and say in response thereto that the 2nd Respondent has not executed any judgement of any of the Superior Court as being alleged.”

Meanwhile, Jeleel Company Ghana Limited in seeking review of the purported ruling which Ernesto Taricone claimed to have used for the demolition, was advised to seek appropriate forum for the illegal demolition.

In an interview with the General manager of Jeleel Company Ghana Limited, Elizabeth Agymang Prempeh she said, the company was anticipating the Application to be dismissed because Trasaco admitted that he is not carrying any orders of the court which is the main bases for the Contempt application.

“Now that Trasaco has admitted that he has no Court orders for the demolishing, we will seek the appropriate forum,” she said.

She also said there are valid and still subsisting judgement of the High Court declaring title on the land in favour of Jeleel Company Ghana limited for another portion of the land pursuant to which the Applicant was placed in possession of the land and that the said judgement of the High Court has not been set aside, hence the Jeleel has been in peaceful possession of the said parcel of land and erected numerous residential buildings on the land

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