Supporters Accuse Sosu Of Destroying NDC In Madina

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is gradually losing its grip on the Madina Constituency as majority of supporters have risen up against what they described as “dictatorial leadership” being employed by the sitting MP, Francis-Xavier Sosu.

They said, Francis-Xavier Sosu’s decision not to listen to voice of reason and accept caution from elders of the party in the constituency is gradually crippling the party’s chances of maintaining Madina Constituency in the 2024 General Election.

Speaking to, a group of supporters averred that, Sosu is gradually losing his relevance in the party and in the constituency and that until he (Sosu) realizes that the better for him and the party.

They have however refuted claims that Francis-Xavier Sosu has suffered severe attacks from Hon Sorogho and his followers.
According to them, there has never been any attempt to attack Francis-Xavier Sosu and that nobody planned to discredit the MP but that Sosu has refused to listen to advice from party elders and does things his own way.

“Whenever elders of the party try to correct Sosu, he rather sees those as enemies. He has created enemies for himself and for us, we believe he is afraid of his own shadow hence, alleging that Hon Sorogho and other members are plotting for his defeat,” they said.

They noted that Sorogho has been a Member of Parliament for the constituency for Madina for over 12 years and during his term, the party never saw a divided front as being experienced under Sosu.

They also indicated that, majority of the party leadership in the Madina Constituency are not in support of Sosu’s leadership style and have all decided to withdraw their support which was misinterpreted by Sosu as a plot against him.

Madina Constituency has become a served seat for NDC as a result of Hon, Sorogho, the executives then and the entire Madina people.

According to information picked on grounds, Mr Sorogho has never camped any Muslims or northern or anybody to convince them to join the independent candidate.

Information is that the people of Madina who Moslems are dominantly, and who voted for Sosu to become MP are tired of his “arrogant” behaviour towards the elders and leaders of the party, hence have resolved to vote against him in the coming elections.

Supporters and members of the party who claimed to have raised red flags against Sorogho and his people, said the smear campaign against Sorogho and other members of the party cannot work and that they are solidly behind any decision Sorogho would take regarding the coming elections and who becomes their MP.

“When did we raise the red flags?” they asked.

“What we are saying is that Sorogho is one of the elders of the party in this constituency, and Sosu though he is the MP, must accord that respect to Sorogho, and other leaders who sacrifice to bring the party where we are today, according to them Sosu must solicit and take advice from him on how to move Madina forward and not to bring disunity in the party.”

Majority of the supporters of the NDC in Madina described Mr Sorogho as an affable person under whose term as MP brought a lot of development unity among supporters, both Christians and Muslims.

They minced no word in saying that Sosu had succeeded in dividing the constituency executives and deepening the already cracks he (Sosu) created in the NDC within the Madina constituency.

“Sosu is unfit to lead us as MP. We need a new force. Lets drum home this, if we are all shifting camp to another candidate as Sosu and his media hirelings are claiming, then they must know that the end for Sosu is near. We are not backing down on our stance,” they said.

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