Suspected bisexual escapes death in Ashanti Region

Paul Marfo

Being bisexual in Ghana is fraught with difficulties and threats, especially because Ghanaian society is still one of the most homophobic in the world.  

A bisexual by the name Paul Marfo narrowly escaped being lynched by a mob of enraged youth of Ampabame Ejisu in the Ashanti Region of Ghana as he was caught red-handed having an affair with his gay partner.

And out of anger, Paul Marfo’s girlfriend in the person of Cynthia Mensah who never thought of seeing such a heinous scene, arranged the youth in the area to pounce on the gay couples.

“I never knew I’m dating a bisexual.  I’m even ashamed of myself. How can you indulge in such an abominable act?  Beat the hell out of them…

I have always suspected him of foul play because he likes watching gay porn movies,” Cynthia Mensah disclosed.

According to Capitalnewsonline Correspondent, it was a wild scene witnessed by a lot of people in the early night, most just stood and watched as the brutality was meted out to Paul Marfo   and his ‘accomplice.’

The residents claimed that the area is Muslim dominated community; adding that Islam also frowns upon such acts which they described as heinous.

According to the angry youth, they cannot accommodate someone practicing gayism in their community. Fuming that, their culture frowns on this immoral act.

Paul Marfo and his ‘accomplice’ who vanished without a trace last year after being caught red-handed in heinous gay conduct, following which he took to his heels and has been on the run again since.

Currently, nobody knows where   Paul Marfo actually is because he has gone into hiding and nobody knows if he is even still in the country.

The case of LGBTQ+ advocates and critics is one that is currently under an unwavering debate in Ghana whether or not law be enacted to outlaw anyone involved in such activities.

But Ghanaians continue to ‘punish’ suspected gays and other LGBTQ+ suspects as criminals, often inflicting mob justice style beatings on them, most often leaving them in critical life and death situations, like Paul Marfo.


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