Suspicious Intruder Nabbed At The Tema Port By GPHA Security And In Grips Of The BNI

A man believed to be an Irish citizen, has been found trespassing in the restricted areas of Tema Port and apprehended for interrogations by the Security Personnel of GPHA.

David Kammermeier is believed to be the name of the man according to an Irish passport in his possession.

According to him, he was trying to find a way to travel to Europe by sea, that is why he was seen loitering around the restricted areas of the port.

He revealed very little detail regarding his life or occupation pointing out that he was uncomfortable being interrogated under camera.

The Port Security Manager, Joseph Punamane told Eye on Port that the man who is believed to be in his early 30s had initially, travelled across North and West Africa based on visa records in his passports.

The Tema Port Security Manager said the man’s defiance to respond to interrogations as well as his procession of about 5 separate passports from different nationalities cast doubts on his integrity.

He was taken in for interrogations along with two Ghanaian peers.

One is Hassan Salah, who is an Internet Café administrator who assisted him with accommodation to span his stay in Ghana.

The other peer, Nicolas Ocansey, a clearing agent at the port claimed he had just met him a few days earlier and was only trying to assist him find a means to travel back to Europe by contacting Shipping Lines for available assistance.

Upon being asked why he had not tried going to his embassy for help, he stated that he didn’t want to be in debt to his country after being helped home.

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