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DJ Azonto vows to gift his G-Wagon to any musician whose song is bigger than “Fa Ne Fom” 

King of Amapiano DJ Azonto says he is willing to give his G-Wagon to any artiste whose song is bigger than “Fa Ne Fom” by December. DJ Azonto’s “Fa Ne Fom” single continues to make waves on the radio, in clubs, and at parties, especially ahead of the Christmas festivities. […]

Credible, Peaceful Elections Good For Nigerians And Africa – WAEON

Credible and peaceful elections good for Nigerians and Africa On Saturday, February 16, 2019, Nigeria will hold its Presidential and General Elections. This sixth consecutive election marks steady progress in the country’s democratic journey since it reverted from military rule to multiparty democracy in 1999. Accordingly, there is the need […]

Nigerians Worried About Violent Clashes; Praise Gov’t Efforts To Address Extremism

Nigerians praise government and military efforts to fight violent extremism but report high levels of fear and personal experience of such violence, a recent Afrobarometer survey reveals. They see extremist groups as receiving support from a wide variety of sources in the government, military, and extremist organizations abroad, and they […]