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Stanbic Fostering SMEs’ Growth In The Volta Region

In Ghana, the private sector is dominated by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with a little over 90% of the market share, according to the Registrar Generals Department. A research report by Ghanaweb, also shows that SMEs contribute an estimated 70% of Ghana’s GDP and make up approximately 85% of […]

Zhejiang Seeks Opportunities Vigorously For SMEs Through “Quality Zhejiang Virtual Expo”

In line with the instructions given by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to establish innovative exhibitions service mode, Zhejiang Provincial Government remains exploring new foreign trade networking solutions on the basis of Internet and big data to getting local export-oriented SMEs out of the negative impact […]

Africa’s SMEs Key To Increasing Access To Improved Seed Varieties By Smallholder Farmers

Dr. Joe Devries, Vice President Program Development & Innovation at AGRA...

For Africa to realize its dream of attaining food and nutrition security, and improved livelihoods of its populations, the private sector must play a key role in agriculture development especially in increasing access to seed of improved varieties, an on-going regional convention on seeds production has concluded. The fourth 10K […]