Take Another Approach To Fight Abuse Of Tramadol Nii Abbey Okamfra I


The Development Chief of Sapeiman in the Amasaman Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Nii Abbey Okamfra I, has called on the government to take another approach in the fight against TRAMADOL and related drugs.

He said the rate at which section of the youth are abusing tramadol is alarming and is important to put up proper measures to control and regulate its spread.

Nii Abbey Okamfra I made the call during the Sapeiman Homowo and the Royal 25th anniversary celebration.

He called on government to strengthen its borders to prevent traders who may bring in such drugs into the country without the approval of the Food and Drugs Authority, adding that most of these drugs are been imported from the neighboring countries into Ghana hence the need for proper checks at the borders.

He said, it is necessary for the government to also regulate manufacturing companies or producers of the TRAMADOL by making it scarce in the market.

He advice the youth to stay away from the use of TRAMADOL and other related drugs which may be harmful to their lives.

“If our elders have been consuming TRAMADOL and other related drugs we will not have existed today, they wouldn’t have left a good legacy for us as youth to follow, so what legacy are we the youth of today going leave for the up-coming youth to continue from where we stopped”, he added.

Story by Muhammed Faisel Mustapha

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