The ECG Akyem Oda district manager calls on Ghanaians to be vigilant and protect their transformers.

The District Manager of ECG in Akyem Oda Municipality, Eastern Region, Ing. Evangelist Maxwell Esell, has called on Ghanaians to be vigilant in their locality and protect ECG transformers and cables for the nation.

The district manager stated in an interview with that thieves have been stealing their transformers and also cutting their electrical cables, so he urged everyone to be vigilant and protect them for the nation to experience 24 hours of electricity.

According to him, if we fail to protect the transformers and the electrical cables for ECG, we will end up sleeping in the dark for a long time because thieves are stealing them.


We want all those staying closer to transformers serving the community to be extra vigilant.

If they hear any unusual sound from the transformer, they should check at any time of the day.

He said if there is an unusual outage light off, we should check if the transformer is still in place, and if we find any suspicious person around the transformer, even working without an ECG vehicle, that person is to be questioned and made to show proof.

An alarm should be raised for any suspicious activity.Let’s protect our transformers to ensure a continuous supply of power to the nation.

He said we are in the dry season, so advise the people not to set fire close to a place where there’s an electric pole to avoid the pole being burned.

Ing Maxwell Esell also advises farmers to minimize setting fire in the bush so that it will not destroy their high tensions and cost problems for the area.

Many people have been complaining about over biling in the municipality, so Mr. Rockson Mensah Odoom, the district commercial officer, advises them to come to their office so that their issues can be resolved amicably.

Report by Samuel Quao.

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