The Ghana Hajj Research has commended the Hajj Board especially the Hajj Medical teamfor a successful performance so far in this year’s Hajj operation.

The Ghana Hajj Research has commended the Hajj Board especially the Hajj Medical team led by Dr. Zakaria and the Vice Chairman in charge of Finance, Alhaji Farouk Hamza for a successful performance so far in this year’s Hajj operation.

The group further commended the Ghana Hajj board Chairman Sheikh I.C Quaye for taking this year’s hajj to another level.


They added that many positive change made by the Chairman have improved and make a significant impact in this year’s hajj operation.


The Hajj operation under the leadership of Chairman I.C Quaye they said has introduced many things which have make things easy for the pilgrims.


According to the group the introduction of free food for all the pilgrims in Madina, Makkah and Mina among others have ease some burden on the pilgrims.


The group revealed that, News going round that the office of National Chief Imam has called for audit at the Ghana Hajj Board was a fallacy adding that that the Special Aid to the National Chief Imam Alhaji Abdul Latif has debunked the publication.


According to the group the National coordinator of the group Alhaji Abubakar Galaxy‘s interaction with Alhaji Abdul Latif at Hajj village on the said publication, it was revealed that the National Chief Imam is not aware about the said publication.


‘’Our research indicates that some groups of people are planning to sabotage and remove chairman IC Quaye through tribal games due to what they the saboteurs discribed as non-northerner or zongo but not because he has failed as the chairman of the Hajj Board‘’ they noted.


They further revealed that measures and alternatives put in place by the medical team of the board to protect pilgrims in Ghana and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is another great improvement by the medical team led by the Dr. Zakaria.


They said, the introduction of free medical screening to all pilgrims across the country and carefully selected professional Nurses and Doctors has done a great job for the board.


‘’Our research further indicate that Dr zakaria and his team have been visiting the pilgrims on door to door and has set up an Emergency point in case of any emergency cases‘’ they added.


This the Ghana Hajj Research salutes Dr. Zakaria for a good job done adding that since the inception of hajj operation in Ghana the country has never had a committed Doctor like Dr. Zakaria.


This they said came to light during the group reporter’s interaction with some pilgrims in Saudi Arabia.


The pilgrims they said revealed in an interview that the medical team under the leadership of Dr. Zakaria is fantastic.


The group further commended the Hajj Communication team under the auspices of Dr. Abubakar Sadiq for a good job as compelled to last year’s hajj operation.

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