The SEER tells of the Ice Age

The Founder and Leader of Parliament Chapel International (PCI), Apostle Francis Amoako Attah has indicated strongly that the world has been triggered into an Ice Age and by 2040, there will be clear manifestation of the world going back to the beginning.

The man of God who has earned the name “The Nation’s SEER” for the accuracy in his prophesies said everything that started from the beginning of the world, would come back as the world comes to an end.

He was speaking on Angel fm yesterday where he averred that, “By 2040 the world will go back to the Ice Age, very soon when it rains, it could rain for only 20 minutes and followed by snow and fog. The world will become extraordinarily cold. We are moving back to the Ice Age.”

The SEER had already given this prophesy during one of its sermons, where he indicated that that is how God established the world. “That is why the Bible says there is nothing new under this earth.”

True to this prophesy, certain developments in some parts of the world is giving credence to what the Nation Prophet has said.

In Germany, there was severe storm which wreaked havoc in Worms on September 12th as heavy hail and rain pounded the region.

Thunderstorms and golf ball-sized hailstones struck parts of Rhineland-Palatinate during the early evening, with ongoing storm forecasts.

It was reported that, areas like Herrnsheim and Pfeddersheim witnessed shattered windows and vehicle damage. Paternusschule in Pfeddersheim bore a brunt, forcing the cancellation of several activities.

The storm also compelled Sonnenschein and Villa Kunterbunt daycare centers to close temporarily whilst the hospital suffered damages, particularly to its operating room skylights, temporarily shut down for repairs.

However, speaking on Angel Fm, Apostle Francis Amoako Attah averred that if one wants to know the end, he must go to the beginning. “If you want to know the beginning, you must go to the end.”

He explained that YEAR means repeat; hence year after year, something keeps on repeating and that all the lifestyles that were experienced in the past will return.

“As the world is coming to an end, whatever started the world will repeat itself. Heaven is God’s billboard.”

He also noted that about five earthquakes have occurred on September 19 which he said were not ordinary since God knows what He is doing.

Apostle Francis Amoako Attah mentioned from 19th September, till 22nd December, something has been triggered; Pure Jealousy and Disease have been triggered and that what triggered in the US keeps moving and soon there will be another vaccine which will be introduced.

“There is going to be another vaccine,” he said, stressing the importance of people to rely on God to be able to sail through.

Taking a scripture from the Bible, Exodus 15: 22 – 26, and said this is the season for man to diligently heed the voice of the Lord and do what is right in His sight for He is the Lord who heals.

The SEER also advised Ghanaians in America to do all they can to protect their children because the disease that is released will target children especially.

He said, when the administration of that vaccine begins and children are not protected and those children get the disease, every year they will be injected with the vaccine, and when that happens the children will not grow old. Because they will determine how long the children live.

“It is going to start this year, 2023. Let’s protect them for the next generation,” he said.

He also insisted that the greatest increase and the greatest struggle will continue and many people will enter into the greatest breakthrough and urged all to stand strong so as to benefit from the Greatest Blessing that has been released.

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