‘There Is No Ga Mantse Now’ – Abola Royal Stool Dzaasetse Declares

Tension is currently brewing in the Ga State over some politicians from both the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) political wings creating confusion, as to who should be the next substantive Ga Mantse to succeed the late legally and traditionally installed Ga Mantse, King Nii Srosi Amugi II.

The development has angered the principal kingmakers and accredited elders of the Ga State for which they raised a red flag over the situation.

This is because the Ga Mantse seat is the prerogative of the Ga Abola Royals and Asere Royals to determine who should ascend the Royal throne of as Ga Mantse.

It is the deliberate attempt of some personalities like Nii Doudu Nsaki of the Ga Traditional council (Ga Traditional Council Mogabe ) to sabotage the Ga Royal Stool and for the people of Ga not to install a legitimate Ga Mantse for his to handover the position of acting capacity of the Ga Traditional Council.

According to the principal kingmaker (Dzaasetse) of Ga Abola Royal Stool which is the First Royal Ruling House of the Ga Mantse Paramount Royal Stool in the Ga State, Nii Okai Awua II, the Gbese, Otublohum, Sempe, Akanmandzen and Ngleshie Alata have no traditional right or locus to dictate anything at all to the Ga Abola Royals who should be Ga Mantse.

“So anybody from the five mentioned divisions among the Ga Mashie has “No Traditional Right” to choose a Ga Mantse for us, even that delegation to His Excellency the President of The Republic, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has no right to choose a candidate for us to be installed a new Ga Mantse.

He pointed out that “I the Ga Abola Royal Stool Dzaasetse, Nii Okai Awua II, the Ga Paramount Stool Dzaasetse Dr. Nii Tettehkwei and the Asere Royal Stool Dzaasetse Nii Amarkai are the only three personalities vested with powers and the prerogative customary ,traditional rights to nominate, select, confine ,install and coronate to finally induct a legitimate Ga Mantse from the Ga Abola Royal Stool family.

He stressed that “l would like to state on authority that politicians, pastors, reverend fathers and ministers,and excoup d’etat officials should desist from interfering into our traditional office.”

“We the three Dzaasetses from the Ga Paramount stool families will put our house in order in no time. l would like to further state that ,I know all of these candidates ,being Boni Nii Tackie Adama Latse II, Dr Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, and Nii Tackie Oblie II ,the two nominated candidates and the gazetted king very well by character, personality, tempraments, educational background,their professional abilities and skill efficiencies, social life commitment and attitude and I know that we will not sell our royal seat of Abola Throne for any fee, either by promise of a cash sum or by will.

“I would like to appeal to the Newly Appointed chief Justice, Justice Enim Yeboah to immediately call off all cases of the Ga mantse Royal throne from the high courts since it is by law a chieftaincy course of matter to invite the Ga Abola Royal Dzaasetse to bring all confusion in the Ga State to a close,” he added.

Nii Okai Awua II stated that the Ga Mantse seat is “Our Royal Dynasty and Heritage, and this is traditionally known to all, I will advice all Christian leaders and organizations to stay away from Royal Dynasty and heritage which they use to formerly term as occult and evil practices because of our usual libation pouring and invocation of our deities and ancestral gods.

He noted that but “Today it has come to be appreciated and acceptable to all people and envied mostly by politicians due to their selfish interest in our lands which they have been trading in thousands of dollars as gold mines in Accra.”

He argued that the decision by some selected members of prominence, made up of political coloured personalities to select a Ga Mantse for us as Ga Abola Royals is a complete falsehood and sacrilegious to our throne.

He fumed that “I will personally invoke the powers of our Ancestral gods to end the lives of all who partake in the selfish and wrongful selection of a Ga Mantse for our Royal Throne in less than five years after any of these candidate who does not hale from the Ga Abola Royal Stool family.”

He pointed out that their attention have been drawn to the fact that some politicians in the NPP and NDC government, such as the Mayor of Accra, the Greater Accra Regional Minister , Reverend Palma Barkel, Former Ex. President Jerry John Rawlings and some few traditional leaders who are not even blood related to the Ga Abola Royal Stool are in serious attempt to impose their selfish interest in putting a Ga Mantse on the our throne ,when they all know that it is now the turn of the Ga Abola Royals to rule.

I the Ga Abola Royal Stool Dzaasetse will advice these diabolic heads personalities to seek advice and wisdom from the Ga Paramount stool Dzaasetse ,Dr. Nii Tetteh Kwei to tell them the truth that it is not the turn of Teiko Tsuru family but that of the Ga Abola Royals. Please l urge you dignitaries to seek for wisdom from Dr. Nii Tetteh Kwei ,he knows the truth. Amen.

“I wish to state categorically that it is an upfront and a Taboo against our Royal Throne and I with my family heads and stool father’s will invoke the powers of our Royal Throne Deities on these candidates and the personalities who forced them on our Royal Throne.

“We shall see if they will survive on the throne for even Six years. The Ga Abola Royal Stool will surely speak for itself in a very short time” he stated.

He added that “I am aware by our country’s constitution that when it comes to elections, Chiefs are warned ,advised and cushioned to stay away, so I with the power vested in me as Ga Abola Royal Stool Dzaasetse would honestly ,sincerely, and passionately advice,pastors ,politician, Reverend ministers, fathers and their Popes with all the Academic intelligence, professional skill and spirituality stay aware from our Royal customary ,traditional Rites and what they had always termed as occult to leave the Ga Abola Royal Throne for us in peace.”

He indicated that “It is very easy for us to invoke the powers of our deities and ancestral gods to seek and get a legitimate Ga Mantse. So please leave us alone. ”I say leave us alone.”

He warned that the people who are creating the problems to forcefully ascend the Ga Mantse Royal Throne already know the consequences awaiting their actions and we dare them to seat on that Throne for only Six years and see the strength of our Deities and ancestral gods.

According to him, “We the powers that be know that whoever is installed as a Ga Mantse for us will not last long and it will start in just his two years with series of illness and strange sickness so we dare them all.”

Why oh why ! We are all aware of all the attempt to push one of the Ga Mantse to court and get a court order to put him into prison for just seven days and to compel him to sign a bond not to parade himself as Ga Mantse again, and to finally compel the National house of chiefs to nullify his gazette through all means.

All the architects of these diabolic act and their plans should know that some of us are very intelligent and are watching closely from behind but their plans will fail.

Their attempt to offer Boni King Tackie Adama Latse II, Huge sums of money, large acres of land , a house and a V8 cross county vehicle has all been revealed to me but in every allegation there is an element of truth.

“but we are not in the right position to say if it is true or not ,hence our decision not to mention it to the people of Accra to create eminity for the government of the day with the people of Ga Damgbe,” he noted.

“I Ga Abola Royal Stool Dzaasetse have a personal special respect and dignifying honour to His Excellency the President of Ghana, and no one can create confusion for the Abola Royal Stool family to pick any issue against his governance.

He will report the conduct of all those creating faction and confusion to him in the shortest possible time.

It is the wish of some few people in the Ga state to organize a press conference against his government but I will never tarnish his had earned image and reputation because of Ga Mantse issues.

He minister who are championing the course for confusion will soon be exposed and I will personally respectfully write inform the President in due course to prove my case.


Source: Office of Nii Okai Awua, Ga Abola Royal Stool Dzaasetse

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