Two Japanese researchers installed developmental as chiefs

Two Japanese researchers, Professor Michihiro Kits, a Professor of Architectural Planing and Urban Design from Osaka University and Miwa Sugita Auditor and Research Fellow also from Osaka University have been conferred with chieftaincy titles by the La Abese Divisional Council under the leadership of Nii Kwade Okropong I the La Abese Abonten Mantse for contributing to the La Abese Adonten Divisional Area.

The Chief of La Abese Adonten at a short ceremony held at the palace conferred the titles of Nii Anyetei Noyaa as Noyaatse and Naa Anyele Noyaa as Noyaa Manye a stool names to the two Japanese researchers.

The Japanese according to the chief have been in Ghana for the past three years and have been liaising with the people of Abese as part of their research works which endeared them to the tradition and culture of the people of La Abese is unique and need to do more research work on it.

This encouraged the Japanese to come in as development partners to help develop and improve the leaving standards of the people within the La Abese area.

The Japanese he said have supported many youth in skills training and other means of creating wealth to enable them to be self-dependent and also retooled the library in the community which has made learning easy for the school going ages.

Nii Kwade Okropng I, urged his fellow chiefs to organize themselves well so as for the foreigners to see the improvements in order to encourage foreigners to realize kind of support to give to the communities.

He added that the people of La Abese have organized themselves well to achieve development which according to him have compelled the Japanese to come in to assist the community and urged his fellow Chiefs to love one an other and organize themselves well to enhance development.

He call on Gadangbe chiefs to wake up and hold up to their tradition adding that “where we put our culture behind us we will find it difficult to go forward and it is only our culture that we can be recognized, so i advice that we should go back to our olden days and portray our culture properly to show the world, then we will be seen as traditional leaders” He noted.

Story by Muhammed Faisel Mustapha

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