UEW in poll position to finish tops at GUSA games

The ongoing 26th Ghana Universities Sports Association (GUSA) games is getting keener by the day with the eleven public Universities competing it out at the University of Ghana, Legon. UEW has risen to the occasion hauling as many as 28 medals in the competition so far.

Team UEW’s female soccer side yesterday lost painfully to their counterparts from the University for Development Studies (UDS) in a grueling 3:2 match.

Officiation has been an area of concerned particularly towards Team UEW matches. An instance in point was Team UEW’s female handball match against University of Ghana where fair officiation was thrown to the dogs.

Hooliganism by a section of students from Commonwealth hall (vandals) is rearing its ugly head in matches involving University of Ghana (UG). The unruly behavior of these fanatic supporters of UG anytime they sense defeat has caused referee to abruptly but temporary suspend Matches. In the football matches between UG versus KNUST and UG versus UDS respectively, the referees were beaten and chased out of the field. This behavior has been persistent in almost all UG matches occasioning condemnation from other Universities. It has marred the beauty of the GAMES and fair play.

This is an issue the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) must address urgently as there are calls for external security personnel to beef up security at the games especially at matches involving UG.

Here are update from day Nine of the GUSA games at Legon.

Day 9 Monday 13th January, 2020

Basketball Women
UDS 85 vs UPSA 6
UG 57 vs UEW 25

UG 88 vs UDS 26

Hockey Women
UG 0 vs KNUST 0
KNUST won 5:4 on penalties

Volleyball Men
UEW 1 vs UDS 3
UPSA 3 vs UMaT

UPSA 3 vs UMaT 1
UDS 3 vs UEW 1

Handball Men
UEW 44 vs UPSA 15
KNUST 45 vs UENR 13
UCC 68 vs UMaT 15
UG 45 vs UDS 19

UEW 54 vs UCC 14

Soccer Men
UCC 2 vs KNUST 1
UMaT 1 vs UHAS 0

UEW 2 vs UDS 3
UCC 4 vs UPSA 0

Team Event
1. UCC
2. UG
3. UDS
4. UEW

Breakdown of Medals for Team UEW

Gold 12
Silver 9
Bronze 7

Update by King Batuka (Media)

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