Watch: What The SEER Revealed About Palestinian Prime Minister

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh’s resignation did not come to many people as a surprise, as this was long prophesied by the Speaker of Parliament Chapel International, Apostle Francis Amako-Attah.

Apostle Francis Amako-Attah popularly called the SEER, is the Founder and leader of Parliament Chapel International.
He has gained world-wide recognition for the accuracy in his prophesies.

Recent among these prophesies is the resignation of Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh.
The SEER who was speaking on Israel-Palestine war indicated that, this year, there are some governmental heads who must be tackled for stability and peace.

He mentioned the Prime Minister for the Palestinians whom he (Apostle) said has been moving everywhere.
According to Apostle Francis Amoako-Attah, he believes that by the end of February, thus 31st, Prime Minister for the Palestinians will either be killed or he will resign.

The SEER noted during this prophesy that, some of these heads of states need to go for an end to the war.
He said, in the school of life, nothing pays until someone pays the price, And that by 25th of February, something must happen, “by 25th the war and fight must stop. So that in the next two to three months they should release the businesses if not…”

True to his prophesies, it was reported that the Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh announced his resignation on Monday, as the Palestinian Authority looks to build support for an expanded role following Israel’s war against the Islamist group Hamas in Gaza.
The move comes amid growing U.S. pressure on President Mahmoud Abbas to shake up the Authority as international efforts intensify to stop the fighting in Gaza and begin work on a political structure to govern the enclave after the war.

The Palestinian Authority, created about 30 years ago as part of the interim Oslo peace accords, has been badly undermined by accusations of ineffectiveness and corruption and the prime minister holds little effective power.

But Shtayyeh’s departure marks a symbolic shift that underlines Abbas’ determination to ensure the Authority maintains its claim to leadership as international pressure grows for a revival of efforts to create a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

Russia-Ukraine War
Touching on the Russia-Ukraine war, the SEER averred that Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president is not a leader but aa actor and doesn’t have the clout to win the war against Russia.

He said, from 25th February Zelenskyy will lose more lands to Putin and if care is not taken, he (Zelenskyy) will be killed.
The SEER however, Zelenskyy to consider negotiations as surest way of ensuring the peace and stability of his government.

Benjamin Netanyahu
For Benjamin Netanyahu, Apostle Francis Amoako-Attah mentioned that from February 25 Nyetanyahu, 2024 he will also lose the authority as a leader.

According to the SEER, these prophesies have started activating from 25th February, and if care is not taken, Benjamin Netanyahu would be killed.

The war, he said, may continue but there must be a briefing space as from May, June, July, the world and its leaders cannot be the same.



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