We Must Learn To Accept, Celebrate And Appreciate Our Own – The SEER

The Founder and General Overseer of Parliament Chapel International (PCI), Apostle Francis Amoako Attah said it is about time men of God begin to preach African Gospel.

According to him, many people believe in the Bible, yet only few know the Bible, therefore there is the need for mature preachers who understands the Word of God to carry the message across to the people.

Apostle Francis Amoako Attah was speaking on Angel fm’s Anopa Bofo program yesterday where he averred that, Africans must join hands together and build the continent.

He said, “We must learn to accept our own, celebrate our own and appreciate our own.”

He said anytime one seizes to be fooled, they turned to be the greatest fool.

Apostle Francis Amoako Attah explained that God is in the hearts of men and that “If you can’t find God in your heart, you can’t find God anywhere.”

He also stressed on African leaders to make an impact during their time by ensuring growth and development of their nations with the resources available and stop exploiting those resources to enrich themselves.

“Anytime you have to make impact, you make sure you have reason with people; when you learn how to communicate and who to communicate to, you will know how to lead.”

He bemoaned the fact that Africans always love to project all-time which he described as “The biggest problem religion brought to Africa.”

“It is only in religion that anybody can take a Bible and others followed,” he said.

The Kingdom of God, he said is a Kingdom of matured people hence those who called themselves men of God must be matured enough to handle that industry.

“In the school of life God uses new generation to build generations.”

“This is the time we have to teach the people about the seasons in which we are. Now we are in the season of gathering sticks; Not a season to party, go to funerals or live extravagant lives; every black man wants to trend. We don’t concentrate on profitization. Blacks don’t do things that will bring them growth or profitability.”

He however indicated that “everything is in our minds; if we change our minds today, we will transform the nation and the continent.”

He also charged politicians and governments to accept criticisms from the opposition and use those as tools to build up and make their paths straight.

“Without opposition you can never be corrected. African leaders hate the truth. Opposition will make you strong and allow you to adjust and keep your paths right. They must learn to listen to the opposition,” he said.

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