We won’t suck milk from your breasts in church, cover them – Pastor pleads


Motivational speaker, pastor and president of IYES Ghana, Dr Brian Amoateng has made a passionate appeal to ladies to cover their breasts and vital areas when going to church.

In an interview with Franky 5 on the ‘This is Gospel’ show on Hitz FM, the pastor, who heads the London Prayer Centre, despite being a preacher of the Gospel, he could be tempted at the sight of ladies with voluptuous body features dressed provocatively.

“I’m a preacher, I’m a man of God, and the ‘man’ came before the ‘God’. When I see a lady in a short skirt with big buttocks, it can tempt me because I’m human and I have to be real.

“So, I entreat ladies, especially ladies, please when you’re coming to church, cover your breasts. Come on, we are not going to suck milk from your breasts, we are here to serve God and you’re confusing us.”

He added that; “Sometimes you’re in the middle of worship and come on, you open your eyes and some breast is dancing in front of you. You will have to shout Jesus! Get behind me Satan.”

Known as a keen crusader of youth empowerment, Dr Brain Amoateng also shared an experience he had at an anointing service in church.

“Trust me, I’ve been in an anointing service and you’re laying hands and instead of them to bring their heads, they bring their breasts. I’m here to anoint your head and not your breasts. Cover your breasts!”
Source: Myjoyonline.com

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