The minister in charge of the Damascus Christian Ministry Int. at Agona Swedru In the Central Region, Apostle Paul Gyasi Acheampong has questioned the authority under which some self-acclaimed prophets give prophecies, especially during 31st Night to usher in the New Year.

The police administration last year came out with a directive, asking all such prophets to refrain from giving any prophecy which are always targeted at prominent people in society concerning death as a means of cleaning the system.

The directive silenced all such self-acclaimed prophets, recoiling them into their shells during the 31Night last year.

This was described by many Ghanaians as a step in the right direction, as it went a long way to sanitize the society from these self-acclaimed Prophet’s who often send fear and panic by their prophecies.

But the silence of the prophets have been questioned by Apostle Paul Gyasi Acheampong, who states that it is an indication that most of the prophecies of these self-acclaimed prophets are just predictions, as they obeyed the orders of a human being, instead of the voice of God. According to Apostle Paul Gyasi Acheampong, every true man of God will not allow human authority to override God’s authority, and will speak the word of God irrespective of the threats by human authority, and such silencing the prophets by the threat of the law by the security agency is an indication that these self-acclaimed prophets speak from their own conscience, and not the mind of God.

He said the directive has helped identity the true prophets from the self-acclaimed ones, as according to him, God does not reveal His intentions to His people only on New Year Night, but on every given time that He chooses.

By Robert Ayanful

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