Workers of Jia Xin Industrial Company limited are well catered for: PRO for the company.

The Public Relations Officer who double as the Chief foreman for Jia Xin Industrial Company Limited, a mining company in Akyem Akokoaso in the Akyemansa District of the Eastern Region, Mr. Reynolds Amoako has called on the general public to disregard allegations made against the mining firm that they don’t pay their workers very well.

His call was in response to rumours alleging that the company do not pay its workers the appropriate renumerations. investigations revealed that workers at Jia Xin Industrial Company Limited are well catered for and unlike other companies Jia Xin Company has a flat payment for its workers that is paid every 10 days whether they go to the workplace and work or not.

It was also revealed that the workers works eight hours every day and runs on shift as the labour law requires.

Oyerepa TV in an interview with the Public Relations Officer for the company, Mr. Reynolds Amoako, stated that there is no truth in the allegations going around that they don’t pay their workers well and they over work.

He said the workers in the mining firm are well catered for and fairly treated.

“Immediately you enter the premises of the company, whether you work or not, there’s some seventy Ghana cedis for you plus the work you will do for the day so some of the workers even earn about one hundred and twenty cedis minimum depending on the work you will do for the day” the PRO stated.

“It’s normal that people complain about their salary no matter the amount they receive at the end of the month” nonetheless Jia Xin Company Limited has committed to ensuring a fairly salary structure that both workers and the company are satisfied with.

He added that, the payment system has been divided into two parts; fixed payment which is seventy cedis (GH70.00) a day and variable payment which depends on the work you do for the day so they add the two and pay the workers every ten days.

In a month, if you add all the payments made to the workers some takes home a minimum of Gh4,000.00

He said there is no basis in the allegations and that it was unsubstituted, frivolous and empty so the general public should disregard.

Report by Samuel Quao.

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