YEA Equips 21,000 More Youth In Brick Production and Construction

21,000 youth are being trained by the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) and CSIR-BRRI in specialized skills under the Youth In Brick Production and Construction module of the Agency.

The trainees will be taken through a meticulously designed training module to impart knowledge and skills that they need to succeed in the field of burnt bricks making and construction.

Addressing the selected trainees in Kumasi, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of YEA, Kofi Baah Agyepong said the YEA has been planning the program since last year August, when lots of people have questioned YEA’s scale of ambition.

He said, YEA’s scale of ambitions is embedded in their skills training and job creation drive.

According to him, some people thought YEA system cannot carry too many big plans but currently, the YEA is training 10,000 youth in ten field areas including; Masonry, carpentry, Tiling, POP, glazing works, general electricals, plumbing, beauty care, hair dressing and auto works.

The Youth In Brick Production and Construction, he said, which is a collaborative program between the YEA and CSIR-BRRI will train and equip the youth to acquire specialized skills that will help change the construction industry of the country.

“By the end of the year, a total of 21,000 youth would have been trained and equipped not only to provide bread and butter for their families, but also contribute to national development,” he said.

He lamented that the unemployment situation in Ghana is serious, describing the unemployment situation in the country as a national security threat.

He averred that government through the YEA has done a lot and will continue to do a lot in creating job opportunities as they currently has over 200,000 young men and women on their data base looking for various jobs.

The YEA boss lauded the efforts by government in supporting the YEA achieve its aims and objectives and indicated that, the YEA is backed by a government that sees youth unemployment as a major concern to national development and provides the YEA with the necessary support even at trying times.

He said: “We see the future not as something out of our control but of something we can shape through a concerted and collective efforts.”

Kofi Baah Agyepong urged the trainees to be proud of the opportunities that government, through the YEA is giving them and see that a major milestone in their growth and development.

He said, studies have shown that the building industry is unable to employ majority of the Ghanaian youth because they lack modern artisanal skills, hence the influx of artisans from neighboring countries like Togo whose skills are needed by contractors and estate developers.

He charged the trainees to be professionals, and do away with the attitude of abandoning work for funerals and other social events; stressing that YEA initiates the Youth In Brick Production and Construction program to bridge the skills gap and improve professionalism in the building industry.

He also revealed that the trainees will be giving monthly stipends of GH¢500 during the training.


The Forestry Research Institute Director, Prof Daniel Ofori said the mandate of CSIR-BRRI is to generate and applied innovating technology for socio economic development in areas of Agriculture, environment, public health, industry, social science and as far as the program is concern, they are to undertake research in all aspect of building and road design and construction with the view of ensuring efficiency, safety, economic and to develop construction materials from local sources for increased utilization in construction.

With these, he noted that the Institute will offer the trainees the development of materials from local sources such as in brick construction among others.

Prof Daniel Ofori described the program as a transformative training that will equip the youth to thrive in the building and construction industry.

He also touched on the growing climate change and the importance of using local materials in construction in mitigating climate change effects.

He said, by harnessing our natural resources, we reduce dependence on imported materials and create opportunities for local industry to grow amid the use of eco-friendly materials, and innovative building practices.

“Let us remain steadfast in our commitment to promoting the use of local materials to productive change,” he advised.

The Training

The Training Coordinator, Dr Joe Danquah said over the next eight (8) weeks, the trainees together with their facilitators will embark on a journey of learning, growth and various opportunities.

He noted that the training module was meticulously designed with the aim of equipping participants with knowledge, skills and resources, that they need to succeed in the field of burnt bricks making and construction.

Dr Joe Danquah said, Ghana continues to rely on cement-based products for building and construction because the materials for artisans are always within reach and which cannot be said of the local materials such as burnt bricks and others.

He said, the Youth In Brick Production and Construction is novel in delivery a complete master cash man in burnt brick production and laying as he indicated that the trainees will be taken through factory mode production and construction, engage in comprehensive curriculum with facilitators guiding participants through hands on practical sessions, inciteful engagements for them to gain invaluable insights to enable them excel in their chosen field.

He charged the beneficiaries to thrive and unlock their potentials as they pursue their career with passion, determination and strong sense of support.

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