The Chief of Bibiani in the Bibiani Anhwiaso-Bekwai Municipality of the Western North Region, *NANA NGOAH ANYIMAH KODOM II,* has complained about the lack of basic infrastructure and other social amenities in the community.

According to him, the national house of chief’s President, *OGYEAHOHO YAW GYEBI II* should be blame for accompany with Bibiani municipal assembly for the selling of Bibiani lands without doing any development in the community at the time he was out of the community for medical treatment.

Nana Ngoah is therefore urging *Ogyeahoho Yaw Gyebi ll*, the national house of chief’s president that, he is come back from medical treatment after more than a year without coming to Bibiani so he has no capacity to enter the jurisdiction of Bibiani land because he owns nothing over there.

He added that, the town is also deprived of job opportunities to absorb the teeming unemployment youth even though there are presence of mining companies in the town.

Speaking to the Media, *NANA NGOAH ANYIMAH KODOM II* maintained that, all the inner city roads Bibiani are in a bad state and no efforts has been made by Ogyeahoho Yaw Gyebi to solve such a situation.

He therefore appealed to Government to support them in terms of developmental projects.

Nana Ngoa Anyima Kodom II moreover made passionate appealed to the Mining companies in the community to employ the youth in the community to help reduce employment ratio among the youth.

He mentioned again that, there are some department in every institution which requires no certificate and such department must employ the youths without certificates and should also train some of them to fix other positions.

Nana Ngoa, applead to Akufo Addo’s government to increase the security in the country as the rate of murder issues confronting Ghanaians is getting out of hands.


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