You’re Just A Family Chief; Not A Paramount Chief

– Kingmakers Fire Back At Tetteh Wakah Over His Petition To IGP

Kingmakers in the Pramrpam Paramountcy of the Greater Accra Region, have described as  nonsensical, a petition filed to the IGP by one Nene Tetteh Wakah a claimant to the Paramount stool, requesting the police to deal with persons he deem as trouble makers.

According to the kingmakers in a statement, Nene Tetteh Wakah, who they describe as just a “family chief” for the Tsawenya family which does even have the status as a royal family , has no moral justification to petition the IGP to deal with trouble makers in the area, when he is the main culprit and kingpin of atrocities in the Pramrpam Paramountcy.

According to heads of the Abbey/ Doku Mansro We, Kwei Opletu We and the Teeteh Djan/ Larbi Agbo We families, issues of contract killings, bloody attacks and other crime related cases, surged in the Pramrpam township when the said Nene Tetteh Wakah came into the scene as a candidate for the Pramrpam Paramount stool.

They claim the killing of Mankralo  Nene Atsure Bentah who was at crosshead with the said Nene Tetteh Wakah is part of over 5 killing cases recorded in both Miotso and Prampram in which the said Nene Tetteh Wakah is alleged to have masterminded those killings, because the deceased were all opposed  his shenanigans to annex the Pramrpam stool.

Signed by the Paramount stool father Numo Osabu Abbey Iv, the kingmakers enquired why  suspects arrested in all cases of contract killings associated to the Pramrpam chieftaincy dispute, were close associates or confidants to the said Nene Tetteh wakah, siting the recent killing of the family head of the Kley Tsokunya in which one Nasser Osabu Abbey,  secretary to the said Nene Tetteh Wakah was arrested as the main suspect of that crime.

They called on the security authorities to stop treating Nene Tetteh Wakah with Kidsgloves when it comes to crime related issues in which he has been sited for and work to expose all his ills.

The kingmakers also maintained that,  the area has no chief and for that the  IGP nor the security Council shouldn’t be swayed by recent media reports purporting the gazettion and swearing into office Nene Tetteh Wakah as chief of the area.

They said, Nene Tetteh Wakah is only a chief of regarded by his Tsawenya Family of which he was  enstooled for and not as chief of Pramrpam, since they the kingmakers will in the coming days meet the demands of residents with the installation of a chief for Pramrpam.

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