Yussif Jajah touts the enourmous benefits of Zoomlion’s IRECOP Facility

The Member of Parliament for Ayawaso North Constituency in the Greater Accra region Mr Yussif Issaka Jajah has hailed Zoomlion for its ongoing Integrated Compost And Recycling Plant(IRECOP) project, saying it will be of enormous benefits to the nation.

The young MP believes the project is in to serve multiple purposes as it will enhance agriculture in the Savannah region and create lots of job for the youth.

Hon Jajah, who also serves as a member of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Finance, made this statement when a joint Select Committee Members visited the IRECOP project at Damango, Savannah regional capital on Thursday 29th April 2021.

“The introduction of the one district, one factory is an incentive to encourage businesses especially the indigenous businesses. Every organisation setting up a business must fall in government’s policy to enjoy the benefits,” he said.

“The government has set up a policy so every organisation putting up a business must be strategic and smart to suit the blanket of the policy so that they can enjoy it.

He underscored the need to support Zoomlion to complete the project in time for the masses to start enjoying the benefits.

“The government is trying to raise resources/ fundings to able to cater for sanitation in Ghana. And what Dr Joseph Siaw Agyepong and the Jospong Group of Companies(JGC) is doing is in the right direction so the government should give the needed support to flourish in that regard.”

“When we visited the KCARP in Kumasi facility, we saw that they have gotten so many benefits, including fertilizer .

“So though it’s waste out of segregation, at the end of the day there will be a lot of benefits that will come from it.

“Once Fertilizers is being generated from the facility to will enhance the production for farmers, it will also create jobs for the teeming youth.”

Integrated Recycling and Compost Plant (IRECOP) project are being carried around some parts of the country to help manage the overwhelming waste being generated in the country.

It is a facility  made up of various recycling systems which will process thousands of tons of waste per day.

“It will encourage people to go for all these plastic waste across this community and bring them here for something and at least they will earn some money to cater for their families,” he said.

“As we have been told already 100 people will be employed directly so if there is going to be a 100 direct job then we know it is going to be over 200 indirect jobs.”

The facility has an 80% waste recovery rate and a capacity to handle 400 tonnes of solid waste on a sixteen (16) hour shift.

The IRECOP will also serve as a research and training centre for educational institutions.

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