Zoomlion Disinfects Pentecost Convention Center at Gomoa

The Pentecost Convention Centre, Gomoa has undertaken its first phase of disinfection exercise by Zoomlion to open the Centre for normal activities to begin.

The Centre Manager of PCC, Pastor Ben Noye, upon addressing the media stated that, the Facility was used as an isolation Centre since March has not seen any normal activities undertaken there hence the need to disinfect every block and quarters to also allay the fears of the public as the leadership prepares to open up the Centre for normal activities.

According to him when it became necessary for the state to have facilities rather than hospitals to host Covid-19 patients, the state approached the Church of Pentecost and they willingly offered the Centre to them for over 6 months.

“After hosting the covid patients it became necessary that the place be giving back to the CoP to allow for normal services that this place renders for retreats, conferences and Christian programs and its begins with this Disinfection by Zoomlion who has the capacity and the logistics to do it”.

According to him the Executive Block (A.T Nartey Block), Residential Blocks, Centre Managers Residence, Staff Quarters, a 1700 Seater Cafeteria, Auditoriums and more would benefit from the disinfection exercise.

On his part, the Apostle Samuel Nanayaw Agyei who is the immediate past Centre Manager called on those who wants to seek the face of God to look no further aside the Pentecost Convention Centre which is notable World Wide.

“I want to say that, the primary motive is to get people praying here and during the time of covid, zero death rate, zero infections, zero transfers so I want to state that the power of God is just around the place to cure and we are doing a lot of additions to the structures and apart from the spiritual power behind the place we are putting some structures to the buildings”.

The Vector Control Officer of Vectorpes Ghana Limited, Mr. Jonas King Wonder, on his part stated that his outfit being the leading company in fighting covid in Ghana is using imported chemicals from Germany called Vito-Oxy multipurpose disinfectant, which is being approved by WHO.

“We can assure the public that the place is now safe for them to come and patronize and this is just the first phase of which the second phase will be carried out soon”.

Vectorpes Ghana Limited is a subsidiary under Zoomlion Ghana Ltd which is specialized in Disinfection and Fumigation activities.

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