10 Reasons Why Bukom Banku lost to Bastie Samir

1.    Hitherto undefeated Bukom Banku aka Braimah Issa Kamoko did not respect his opponent, who was former captain of the national team, an unbeaten African Amateur Champion, as well as an Olympian with experience from the camps of world champions, Floyd Mayweather and Oscar DelaHoya in the USA.
2.                 Bukom Banku shed too much weight and even Bastie weighed more than him. At the weigh in Banku was 193lbs while Bastie was 194lbs.
3.                 While Banku was bragging and insulting, his opponent was preparing hard in the Wisdom gym. Bastie is younger and hungry for success. He wanted a platform to relaunch his career.
4.                 Bukom Banku’s Coach Godfred Biney aka Wadada is not much experienced in the class of Bastie’s Ofori Asare who is Ghana’s only international coaching instructor, and handler of the national team, the Black Bombers. He also wanted to prove a point as many boxing coaches in Accra feel they are better than him.
5.                 Bukom Banku commanded a bigger support and was the favourite with his record and experience, but Bastie’s fans were ready for the battle of the undefeated, though they were the underdogs. Their slogan – “Na Aba Laba” really worked. Bastie wore a battle dress like a warrior for the fight.
6.                 Bastie was always humble and showed discipline in all his movements, while Bukom Banku was bragging and showing off with his Bukom ladies. When he was asked the change his gloves in the ring, though it was not professional, he compiled. He is not intimidated by the stature of Banku
7.                 Bukom Banku who stopped training as a boxer and got into politics and entertainment should blame himself, because during those times, Bastie Samir was training.
8.                 Bukom Banku bleached himself forgetting he was harming his skin and body, which he uses to fight. While he was bleaching Samir was lifting logs and carrying tractor tyres.
9.                 Politically, Bukom Banku’s party was not in power, so the powers he had under NDC was reduced, and his mentors were not at the arena to cheer or back him. Many NPP devotees were against him.
10.            Socially, Bukom Banku lost some supporters due to his lifestyle in Accra as he often had problems with ladies. Many women in Bukom were happy that he lost, his paddy Ayitey Powers has advised him to give himself to Jesus Christ and gain salvation. On the other hand, Bastie is a devout Muslim who prays five times a day.
Story by Sammy Heywood Okine, Sports Media General 1 /Vice Chairman- GBA Media C

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