Ghanaians Demand Firing Of Starlets 2017 Coach Fabin

Most Ghanaian football fans and sports journalists have called for the firing of Black Starlets 2017 coach Samuel Paa Kwesi Fabin for failing to go beyond the Quarter Final stage at the recent FIFA Under 17 Championship in India.

Coach Paa Kwesi Fabin who has been in charge of the national Under 17 team since 2011 was expected to equal the achievements on 1991 and 1995 when Ghana won the gold medals of the tournament, and 1993 and 1997 when Ghana won silver or placed runners-up, and in 1999 when they won bronze.

Even in 2007, the Starlets team did well to place fourth or reached the Semi Final stage.

Ghanaians love football and know much about the game, but coach Paa Kwesi Fabin’s philosophy, tactics or game plan is yet to be known.

The team in India only depended on individuality or eccentricity and that is exactly what we saw of captain Ayiah who over works yet produce low results, midfielder Mohammed who knew more than the referees, goal poacher Danso who was wasted on the bench, short and youngest goalie Danladi who was not smart like he thought.

Coach Fabin himself displayed that he cannot be on top of issues when the going gets tough like the Brazilian coach at the tournament.
For his dismal performance, Ghanaian football fans are just calling for his exit or resignation.

Everyone knows the youth championship is for development, yet a champion must be declared and prizes or fame goes with the victory.

For Ghanaians, they know that football is a game that they do well and better than most nationals. Naturally, Ghanaians are gifted with football that is why there are about 25 million coaches in the country.

So with this number of coaches if Paa Kwesi has failed, then another person should be tried.

Meanwhile, the fans are demanding that Paa Kwesi should not be attached to any other national team after India 2017 because he was focused on getting Ghanaian food than winning the cup.

His selection was very suspect as he paraded his favourite players to attract foreign contracts at the expense of the government of Ghana and the GFA.
For the Starlets 2017 performance, there was no telepathy in their play, there was no team work, there was no formation, there was no cohesion and there was no rhythm in their games.

Worst of all, Ghana  lost to Mali three times; one at the Africa Juvenile Final, two in Dubai at a friendly match and three in India on a rainy water soaked pitch for the Semi Final slot, when rain falls in Ghana more than Mali.

Though some of the players are good technically as footballers, the coach could not blend their skills and speed to be productive like what legendary coaches like the late E. K. Afranie, Sam Arday, Cecil Jone Attuquayefio, Osam Duodu and Okoe Aryee did during their time.

Qualifying for the Under 17 FIFA World Cup has been difficult for Ghana in recent times, though the nation is always tipped as a favourite, so Paa Kwesi really missed an opportunity. If he has failed, others should be given the chance to serve.

Story by Sammy Heywood Okine

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