6th March @ Parliament Chapel: McLord Ice Explains Why Stonebuoy’s ‘Kpokeke’ Was Sung In Church

On March 6, 2019, the youth of The Lord’s Parliament Chapel International, chose Stonebuoy’s latest song ‘Kpokeke’ as their rendition in church to mark the celebration.

The Lord’s Parliament Chapel International in celebrating the 62nd anniversary of Ghana, went traditional with members dressing pure Ghanaian as traditional Ghanaian songs were sung during the service.

The ‘Kpokeke’ rendition which was adopted by the youth of the church however went viral on social media with many music lovers wondering why the song was chosen by the youth.

Some people are of the view that since ‘Kpokeke’ is an alcoholic beverage, mentioning it in church or doing a rendition with it in the house of God was improper.

Meanwhile in an interview with McLord Ice, the Greater Accra Vice Chairman of Film Directors Guild (FDGG) who is also the head of media of Parliament Chapel, explained why the song was played in Church.

According to him, playing or singing ‘Kpokeke’ in church did not cost the church anything.

He said: “I don’t see the reason why people would say playing ‘Kpokeke’ in church cost us, it has costs us nothing. Absolute nothing.”

McLord Ice said Parliament Chapel is a Bible believing church which foundation is based on prayers, testimony and the Word of God and their Founder, Apostle Francis Amoako Atta is a true man of God with indept knowledge of the Word.

He explained that he is a matured pastor well recognised by many across the world.

According to him, their traditional day is something that the church has adopted to celebrate Ghana and the youth who are the pivot of the church played their choice of song on the day and by so doing also educate their Founder about where the world is going.

He also mentioned that ‘Kpokeke’ can be a brand name for an alcoholic beverage but it is a word.

“In media, no publicity is bad. Stonebuoy put our rendition on his Instagram page because he knew no publicity is bad and that shows him how far his music has gone,” he said.

He said most men if God have adopted songs from songs which are mostly considered worldly, but are used to teach generations about God and his dictates.

He said their act in church so far as the traditional day is concerned is not barbaric and that they played and humiliated in the bossom of the Lord and called on all believers to come to the church and worship with them.

“To us it is our annual thing, we dressed by region and we display our culture. We dress Ghana, sing Ghana, and played Ghana,” he said.

He said as youth, they will continue to do the work of God and win more souls for the Kingdom of God.

Below is the Instagram post of the ‘Kpokeke’ rendition in the Church



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