Africa Rising: More reasons to not fight – Wesley Owusu



Two heavyweight African countries have again demonstrated the typical nature of the people of this continent.

They have shown that they are, by default, a peace loving people who are capable of resolving their differences amicably through dialogue and diplomacy.

The willingness and strong desire by both countries to peacefully resolve the maritime boundary dispute at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) is a feat that should be celebrated.

The fact that both parties recognize and appreciate that their case would be heard and justice would be rendered fairly and justly is an indication that Africa is on the rise.

The dispute between Ghana and Ivory Coast could have easily degenerated into another armed conflict within the sub-region and this would have destabilize the West Africa bloc and presented the scavengers dotted around world who feed on conflict zones a glorious opportunity to quickly moved in and escalate the tension to line their bottomless pockets.

There are numerous evidence that territorial squabbles in some parts of the continent in the past resulted in loss of lives, displacement and damage to properties but it seems that phase in our existence as a continent is fading away really fast.

Ghana and Ivory Coast have shown that we can settle our problems with our neighboring states without the need for belligerence, terrorizations and needless straining of bilateral relations.

I salute both countries and how maturely they have handled this matter. I pray however that this option of conflict resolution is strengthen for the betterment of our continent.

Africa is indeed rising.


Wesley Owusu (Mayor)



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