Reggie Rockstone endorses VVICE

Legendary Ghanaian rapper Reggie Rockstone known for identifying good music has endorsed VVICE, a fast-rising Afrobeat artiste hinting that his new single “Ajo” will be the talk of town as it takes over the music industry in the country.

Expressing his love for the latest hit “Ajo”, Reggie Rockstone is optimistic the song will go international.

According to him, a bright future awaits VVICE hence has pledged to support his career because he’s different from other young chaps.

“I am paying extra attention to him because of his determination. I just feel this guy is a big act and I must do everything to let him make it’’.

“There’s something very special about this guy, recently, he sent me a song titled Ajo. It blew me off so much so that I did a verse for it. If you hear Ajo and you know music, it will fall on you. The same happened with my career when I put out Tsooboi and those who heard it and knew music went for it. It became big. The same will happen for Ajo.”

“He has basically become part of the family; he knows my wife, friends, close circles and all that, and whatever must be done to let him make it big and achieve his dreams, is exactly what we are doing. He is going to be big’’, he indicated.

VVICE which means Very Very Illustrious Contemporary Entertainer is known in real life as Randy Allotey. His song “Ajo” featuring Reggie Rockstone and Bayku is going to change the sound of Ghana’s music by putting the listener in an original African mood with a full feel of Hiplife and Afrobeat.

“Ajo” is a blend of English and Twi which appreciates a woman by praising her beauty and promising her eternal love.

A beautiful piece laced with an original African vibe, instrumentation may be electronic but still reaches home with that modern touches.

VVICE is also a beat producer and is set to release other hit songs featuring some of Ghana’s top artistes. His song was produced by Sensky.
Listen to Ajo featuring Reggie Rockstone and Bayku below.
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Source: Ghanaweb 

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