Akyem Oda MP to win 90% of the vote for the NPP in the December general election.

The Member of Parliament for Akyem Oda Constituency, Hon. Alexander Akwesi Acquah, popularly known as the Game Changer, has said that he is going to win 90% of the votes for the NPP in the December 2024 general elections.

Hon. Alexander Akwesi Acquah, since becoming the MP for Akyem Oda constituency, has brought a lot of development to the constituency, and due to that, he was rewarded by the people in the constituency to run unopposed on the NPP ticket.

In the 2020 election, Akyem Oda MP recorded over 79% of the total votes cast, which was credited to him as the best NPP MP in the Eastern Region who recorded the highest percentage of votes.

Hon. Alexander Akwesi Acquah, addressing the people after a health walk, stated that this year he is going to work together with party executives and the party faithful in Akyem Oda constituency to give the NPP a 90% vote in the December general election.

He said the NPP has done so many projects for Akyem Oda constituency, so therefore it is possible that they are going to win 90% of the vote for presidential and parliamentary in the general election.

According to him, they are not going to rest at all; they are going to hit the ground straight forward to work hard for NPP to break the 8 so that they can continue with the good they are doing.

He urged the people to vote for Dr. Bawumia so that they can work together to bring more success to the constituency because, without him, he can’t do anything.

He appreciates the love the people have been showing him.

The chairman of Akyem Oda constituency, Mr. Kojo Ampabeng, said they are not going to rest but rather work hard so that they can break the 8. He urged the party supporters to go all out and speak to people about the work the NPP has done so far in the constituency so that 90% of the agenda can be achieved.

Report by Samuel Quao.

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