The district pastor of the Presbyterian church, Akyem Asene, calls for help for Asene Presby Primary School.

The district pastor of the Presbyterian church, Akyem Asene, Rev. Asare Abeka, has called on government philanthropists and old students of Akyem Asene Presby Primary and KG to come to their aid and help the school in diverse ways.

Asene Presby Primary School is one of the best-performing schools in the Asene Manso Akroso Municipality Eastern Region.

The district pastor made the call when speaking to Oyerepa TV after a P.T.A. meeting to discuss problems the school is going through.

Rev. Asare Abeka stated that it’s been a long time since the school was built. Due to that, initially the school building was very short without any wall around it, but people in the area were doing a whole lot of activities in the classroom room; some were easing themselves while others were also stealing from the school, so they had to add some blocks to cover everywhere to stop them from doing their illegal activities in the classroom.

He said there used to be light in the classroom, but thieves have stolen everything there, so there’s no light there again.

He said due to the height of the building, it’s always generating heat when there’s a dry season, so he pleaded with everyone to come on board so that they can raise the height of the building and reproof it.

He also said that because of the popularity of Asene Presby School, there has been a surge in enrollment, leading to overcrowding and heat in the various classrooms, and thus, they need ceiling fans to give relief to the students, especially at this time of the year.

The headmaster of the school, Mr. Daniel Avorga, seized the opportunity to call on philanthropists and batches of old students to come to their aid and help them with roofing sheets, bags of cement, cement blocks, and sand for the school classroom blocks, among others.

He said that whenever it’s about to rain, they have to close the school for the safety of the children.

According to him, much property has been lost due to rain in the school, so he pleaded for help.

The P.T. A financial secretary of the school who doubles as the organizer appeals to come and support the school.

According to him, the heat in the classroom is too much for the students to bear.

Report by Samuel Quao.

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