Ambassador Alhaji Salamu Amadu Attributes Fame in Nigeria to Mr. Ibu’s Influence


Ambassador Alhaji Salamu Amadu, President and Founder of the Afro-Arab Group of Companies, expressed profound sorrow over the confirmed passing of the iconic Nigerian actor, Mr. John Okafor, known affectionately as Mr. Ibu. The somber news was verified at the Evercare Hospital in Lekki Phase 1.


“I spoke with both his wife and manager Dominic, and they confirmed. I visited him in December last year. Mr. Ibu made me famous in Nigeria among actors and named me Alhaji Ghana,” shared Ambassador Salamu Amadu, underscoring the personal connection he shared with the late actor.

He continued, “The loss is deeply personal. Mr. Ibu was more than a colleague; he was a dear friend. His influence on my journey in the Nigerian entertainment industry is immeasurable.”

Reflecting on the impact of Mr. Ibu’s passing, Ambassador Amadu added, “In the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment world, Mr. Ibu’s guidance and friendship were invaluable. He was a mentor, and I will forever cherish the moments we shared.”

As condolences pour in from fans and colleagues alike, the legacy of Mr. Ibu stands as a testament to the power of storytelling and shared laughter in bringing people together.

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