Attempt To Sabotage Hajj Chair Backfires

The chairman of the 2017 Ghana Hajj Board Sheikh I.C Quaye has recently been attacked and accused by some masked members of the Hajj board in an attempt to sabotage and unseat him as the chairman.
There is a growing rumor within the Zongo communities that some members of the Hajj board are eyeing the position of Chairman I.C Quaye hence the attempt to use the media and other platforms to tarnish his image.
The issue of this attempt to unseat the current Hajj board chairman has been the order of the day in   Zongo communities which many have described it as a tribal game being played by some set of individuals from the North. Unfortunately  Chairman I.C Quaye is the victim this time round .
A source who spoke with this reporter revealed that some of the board members have no single respect for the chairman claiming that they were also appointed and sworn inn  by the President thus he is not superior to them in anyway.
According to the source, many within the Zongo community including Muslim youth organizations,Religious scholars believe that Sheikh I.C Quaye is the rightful person to handle the fairs of hajj effectively taking into consideration  measures he has put in place so far in dealing with fraudulent activities by some people( saboteurs) whose interest is to make money in the name of Hajj. An act which has been a perineal problem for every  hajj board chairman.
They further believed that the attempt by some board members to sabotage and unseat the hajj board chairman is have him replaced with their  sponser (A Northener). According to our source the saboteurs are fumming because of measures he chairman I.C Quaye put in place to make VISA fraud difficult for people who intended to use hajj operations as their money making avenue.
It will be recall that an Accra based Newspaper “The New Crusading Guide” published a story stating how some members of the board are allegedly unhappy with the style of management of I.C Quaye accusing him of running parallel departments within the hajj board, selling of luggage tags and among others.
Responding to the allegations, the Hajj Board Chairman described it as frivolous, lies and a way to tarnish his image.
However, Muslim clerics and numerous associations in the various Zongo communities have described the I.C Quaye’s led Hajj Board operation as one of the  best  hajj operation organised .
This they applaud the chairman for measures he up in place to exposed VISA- fraud which has never happened in the history of Ghana Hajj operations,where even an insider and Official could not penetrate tge system.
The clerics and the associations urged Chairman IC Quaye  to straighten his strategies to fight corrupt ,selfish,political and economic expediencies of  individuals within and outside the board.
They appealed to the President to appoint every hajj chairman a sole commissioner of Hajj operations in Ghana, adding that this will be a one man leadership with sole responsibility of anything good or bad in their view this will eliminate disarm ill motive sponsers igniting confusion within  hajj operations.
 By Mustapha Dodoo / David Albert Quainoo

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