Bad Eating Habit, Unhealthy Lifestyle Major Causes Of Stroke – Dr. Bosompem

Bad eating habit and Western way of living are said to be some of the major causes of stroke which has now become common among many Africans.

The condition is said to be prevalent among people who live in the cities, as compared to those in the rural areas, because of the type of food they eat which are said to contain more fats, oil additives and meat.

This was disclosed by the Director of NkwaHia Natural Centre, Dr. Philip Bosompem, a herbal medicine practitioner at Agona Nyakrom.

According to him, the condition has become so prevalent not only Ghana, but in other developing countries as well, this he hinted is as a result of the preference of Western way of life by majority of Africans by consuming chunky food, in the name of living a rich life.

With patients from all parts of the country, Dr. Bosompem warned that the rate at which people are been attacked by the condition is so alarming that people should begin to go back to their roots and identity, by eating locally prepared food which contains fresh green leaves without any additives.

He later recommended the consumption of leaves such as kontomire with red oil, as well as the consumption of more fruits which he said helps in the metabolism of the body and the free flow of the blood.

Though he was reluctant to mention any food products on the market, Dr. Bosompem however indicated that most of those food items and spices contain additives such as colour, starch and sugar, which he stated are harmful to the human body when taken constantly.

He has therefore advised people who have already developed the condition of stroke, or witnessing symptoms of the condition such as numbness in parts of the body like the hands and legs, to seek early herbal medicine treatment before it degenerates the body.

By: Robert Ayanful

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